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Elegant Ltd Company is a fast-growing factory. For 75 years we’ve been specializing in manufacturing and wholesale distribution of man’s suits, overgarment and school uniforms.
Modern equipment from the top European manufacturers (“Kannegiesser”, “Indupress” etc.), cutting edge technology, as well as skills and experience of our workers allow us to make competitive products.
We received multiple awards, including “Russia’s Top-100 Best Products” silver medal, “Best Children’s Products” golden medal, “500 Prosperous Russian Companies” initiative award, different diplomas from the light industrial goods exhibitions state- and worldwide. We’re among the top manufacturers of man’s suits and jackets in Russia.

The main advantages of mutual work, as viewed by our customers are as follows:

• High quality of our products.
Reasonable prices.
Flexible terms of partnership.
In-house facilities.
Variety of products.
Many years of experience.
High-quality service.

In the course of our work we were recognized not only in Russia but in other countries as well.

How to become our partner?

To become our partner you need to contact our managers in any convenient way: register on our website, call (8422) 42-88-42 or visit our office.
Upon our first contact a personal manager will be assigned to notify you about current acquisitions, take your orders, make shipments, manage reciprocal payments etc.
The growth and development strategy of our brands is closely connected with strengthening customer relationships aimed at promoting business support of our partners. One of the main fields of concern for our factory is working with our partners on the basis of job-processing contracts. Our professional employees are ready to produce different sewing products based on sketches designed by them or sent by our client. For further information concerning job-processing contracts please contact our technical manager Tatyana Gubanova (8422) 42-88-02.
In developing our products we try to satisfy tastes and needs of each and every employer as we constantly improve our construction lines.
In the course of our work we were recognized not only in Russia but in other countries as well. We were performing sewing work for Steilmann (Germany), Marks & Spencer (Great Britain), BHS (Great Britain), Utex (USA).
It will be a pleasure for us to have you as our clients and partners!

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